By Marco.



v1.3 release:
- More unecessary settings hidden.
- Some rearrangement of settings.
- Added description for (almost) every setting.
- Three new xml (compare them to default xml).

A clean install is recommended.


This is a starter version for the OnePlus 6/6T. It was created by Marco and shared on the Telegram group for the 6/6T.

Please don't spam their group if you don't have this device.

- Based on Arnova 1.7 (GCam 6.1).
- Preconfigured settings, install and start taking photos directly.
- Rearranged Settings menu to get faster access to most important settings.
- Own custom XML path to not get disturbed by XMLs for different versions.
- Six XMLs are moved automatically to right path (default, sport, zoom) to cover every situation.
- Cloned.
- New icon.
- Added description for (almost) every setting.

🗣 Discussion: