By jairo_rossi.



Thor Mod "menu options"

- Frames: Minimum 2 maximum 45
- Quality HDR + enhanced: option up to +7 (thanks to BSG)
- Quality HDR + Night Sight: option up to +5 (thanks to BSG)
- Exposure Compensation: -2 to +2
- Libs: Google, iQsharp, iQlight V3, Dhz 2.2, TN, r0m10 V4, iQHybrid V2 (Thank you Roman)
- AWB: Google AWB System (Thanks to BSG)
- Saturation: Front and Rear Camera Saturation Levels
- Chernobyl mode: Black and White Photos
- Final jpg quality HDR +: from 50% to 100%
- Disable Zoom in Portrait mode: Disables portrait mode zooming
- RAW Format: Raw10, Raw_Sensor and Raw_Private
- Image Format: JPG, YUV_420_888 and PRIVATE
- Remove AF data from the screen: remove focus information from viewfinder
- Enable Google Photo: Enable Google Photos Gallery

- Now also supporting Mi8 and Pocophone

PLEASE NOTE: Uninstalling any previous version, after installation always clear the camera data, then you can make your setup and use normally.

Telegram group: Gcam Brasil.

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