By tigr.



- Fixed all problems with exposure and ISO, now works on all libraries
- Updated all libraries
- Added new Savitar and IQhybrid libraries
- Reworked settings menu style
- Changed some default settings
- Added tripod mode
- Added light blur mode
- Added two Auto and Pro modes thanks to @urnyx05
- A lot of cleaning code from @Urnyx05 for which many thanks to him
- Added two new white balances from Sony IMX586 and OV13855 thanks @Savitar
- Added quick settings thanks
- Added compatibility with devices on Snapdragon 855 thanks @Urnyx05
- Added suppression of nasal points and grids on the bright parts of the photo

- Added a separate application for getting rid of portrait folders: GCamPortraitMerger.apk
- Shadows on lib IQhybrid better than on 6.3 versions


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