By Wyroczen.



I want to share with you my google camera mod and dotfix module for it.

Some may have noticed that google camera on Mi A1 have problems with dots, which are visible especially in bright/artificial light.

I have managed to change our raw format to IDEAL RAW in which this problem is far less visible.

So, to the point. I present you camera for Mi A1: Mi A1 Edition 1.5.



My latest Gcam version is meant to be used with Dotfix, you don't need to change default settings. If you do not want to use dotfix module you must enable RAW10 and disable "Dotfix related fixes".

After first start you need to change any setting. You need to do that only once.


You need stock cam HAL, so I advice to use AIO v3 module by Sipollo. If you have Magisk > 18.1 you will need permissive selinux.


*Camera is based on Bulkin 6.2 v16

->Aux camera is supported

Changelog: MiA1_Edition 1.5-1.2(dotfix compatible and recommended):

*Aux lens without noise

*Fixed RAW settings (now we can use RAW SENSOR with dotfix)

*Fixed portrait mode with raw sensor

*Fixed BL with raw sensor

*Fixed black line in nightsight (disabled resolution and af fix for stock -> now modified lib should be enough)

*Added "light trail" option

*Added "disable lens correction on back" option

(Without lens correction you will have vignetting effect)

*Disabled lens correction on front cam when dotfix is used -> better front photos

*Deleted not working libs and added new ones

*Separate saturation settings for lenses

*Separate lib settings for lenses


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