By jairo_rossi.



based on version MGC_6.2.030_B-S-G-based_v.0.2c_TlnNeun.

- Camera with new icon.
- Super Res Zoom set by default with no button action required.
- Added Chernobyl mode for black and white photos.
- Added HDR + Enhanced Frames with 5 different levels.

WARNING: Users with 3GB RAM on Max Pro M1 when enabling "Long exposure NighSight" may occur force closed. After taking a picture with this function enabled you expect the image to be fully processed to use the camera again.

If you use previous camera version please uninstall and only then install the new one after installing the new version. Clean the camera data before opening, only then configure and use it.
Many thanks to Urnyx and Wyroczen for all their patience and help.

Telegram group: Gcam Brasil.

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