By tigr.



- Expanded device support
- Added night shooting instead of panorama, can be found in the section more
- Fully fixed problems with green artifacts
- Fixed problems with green fill on the front camera (some devices)
- The camera is configured out of the box with the recommended settings
- Improved responsiveness of the shutter button
- Moving from online libraries to local
- Removed the video stabilization item as it makes no sense
- Removed all experimental code
- Brought all the lines to normal, assigned each its own value instead of mystring
- Slightly accelerated camera launch
- Fixed all compatibility issues on various devices
- Removed dependency on AppCloner
- New logo lavender/whyred
- Added Google Photo toggle
- Added Chernobyl mode (monochrome)

- There will be major changes soon (after Friday)
- There are only three libraries at the moment with a long shutter speed, that is, more than 2 seconds, this is a stock from Google Eszdman v3, Saves v1, on the rest with the mark IQ it is NOT working yet


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