By marlin-ku.



- I copied the hdr control button for the "portrait" mode from the Tolyan009 mod and the "readiness" icon for zsl from the Xtrme mod, my thanks for the code.
- Changed a few lines of code in mod as the same mod Arnova, my thanks.
- About on my other mods with control "saber". This management requires further work, as the scheme adopted by other moders does not save from crashes for xrn5, but the solution I proposed breaks the “live photo”. But soon as I am very busy.
- I also adapted for xrn5 the mod Urnyx05 a little - it perfectly taking pictures, and in the future I am going to change the mods 6.2.030 base on it.
- Separate greetings to the dog Bulkin043, who completely copied my mod and disconnected most of the functions in it, and now "working" things that have long been done. Bitch.

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