By tigr.



[ Shared by tigr on this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 thread. ]

  • Transition to base 6.2.030, PixelDreaming mod from san1ty is taken as a basis
  • Added noise reduction
  • Added a switch with a choice of level of sharpness.
  • Added libloader
  • Added flicker suppression
  • Fixed Sabre (SuperResZoom)
  • ISO selection added
  • Added AWBGains
  • Added two sliders — shutter speed and ISO, shutter speed slider not sensitive to light (0x00)
  • Configs added
  • Added a selection of models
  • Added saturation level setting
  • Added white balance recalculation
  • Exposure compensation added
  • Added bitrate
  • Video stabilization from Google is disabled forcibly, because there’s no point in it
  • Added switch off portrait zoom
  • Added selection of the number of frames HDR +
  • Added several JPEG compression methods
  • DCI-P3 color space switch added