By xtrme.



(Shared on this 4PDA thread for the OnePlus 7 Pro.)

This is a big update.

  • New aux Switch method (Viewfinder Buttons).
  • Changed Long press method: now long press on camera switch button change only main/tele, photo viewer button change only main/wide.
  • Options to hide different modes when using aux lenses.
  • Added Pixel2/Pixel3 awb switch menu.
  • DCI P3 feature.
  • Optimized default settings for Op7pro and Mi9.
  • Fixed green tint issue in some situation (thx Marian for testing).
  • Updated Xlib 2.2 (with stock sharpness).
  • Added Eslib aux.
  • Op7 pro support:
    • Fixed saturation issue.
    • Video can be recorded on all aux lenses.

Clean install recommended.

Big Thanks for help: Arnova, fu24 and Urnyx!

Configuration files:

🗣 Discussion: