By san1ty.



  • Video improvement, fixed FC on startup for some users (thanks to BSG).
  • Added 120fps slow mo but currently it isn't working, 240 works fine (slow mo crashes if you have selected 4k in settings).
  • Added Lens Blur (most req. feature by users).
  • Added Bitrate options for video mode (And yes EIS works on 1080p30 and 4K30).
  • Added 4k time lapse mode switch (Thanks to Arnova8G2 and cstark27).

Clear data of the app if you have bugs after installation.

Note: If you still have the pop-up message on startup go to settings and select any lib (stock by google will work too and it won't appear anymore!)

Sample photo:

photo_2019-06-24 17.33.45

(with telegram compression)

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