By marlin-ku.



(Shared by marlin-ku on this Nokia 8.1 thread. Via Google Translate.)

He did what he wanted for a long time - he divided the shutter speeds for the front and the main camera. In addition, I changed another part of the code on adjusting the exposure. Since it didn’t work out how to make normal work of exposures by iso - changed the values ​​to 150, 200, 250 and 300 iso; It turned out as if the analogs of the automatic mode, but with smaller values ​​of iso. I do not quite understand the maniacal desire to shoot always at the minimum iso - if the sensor does not make noise, then why? Time and the likelihood of lubrication grow - and the quality is the same Now you can put, for example, ISO 200 and not think about noise or exposure - if you remove the static. In the machine, however, iso seems to me to be overvalued.

During the tests, the camera seems to be buggy, since it reacted incorrectly to the settings, after the application data was completely cleared, it worked normally.

In general, it turned out not very, well, purely for tests

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