By marlin-ku.



(Shared by marlin-ku on this Nokia 8.1 thread. Via Google Translate.)

According to the results of comparing images of the stock camera and the Google camera mode in the normal photo mode, the latter showed the worst clarity. Perhaps due to the work of optical stabilization on the drain. So for 8.1 there is no special meaning in this mode on the Google camera, and there is no user-friendly implementation yet.

I added eszdman version 2.5 to the previous mod (at least in the name 2.4 is version 2.5). From the differences with the stock camera seen at first glance - much less noise in low light on the same exposures, which makes it possible to shoot at a shorter shutter speed in the evening. Switched in the "Color Adjustment" section. For convenience, I renamed the apk to make it clear under what device the mod was made

From what I read here on the forum - except for the latest version of the Google camera (6.2.030), the rest are not able to work normally with new sensors with subpixels of the same color, grouped by 4 - like on 8.1 on the front-end. As far as I really don’t know, in practice my version 6.2.024 makes a lot of noise on the front-line, even with a slight shadow.

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