(Shared by BSG on a telegram group for the Redmi Note 7. Via Google Translate.)

- "3 \ 32 device" - runs on light configs (without tracking focus and live photo) - should eat less RAM
- "Remove focal data" - removes the line at the bottom of the screen with data on the focus.
- "activate Google photo" - the Google Gallery photo application puts it in the internal gallery if it is installed in the system.
- "tracking focus" - after the tap, the application constantly focuses on the selected object (it works more or less ...)
- "Advanced NDR + quality" - increases shutter speed by + 50% reducing ISO, for example, if the default shutter speed is 1 \ 20, ISO 1000, then for quality +1 the shutter speed would be 1 \ 15 ISO 750, etc. etc. Limit max. excerpts at default = 1 \ 14, at + 1 = 1 \ 9, and so on. For night shooting, the def = 1 \ 3, + 1 = 1 \ 2 and so on works as well ...
- "default AWB" - the value to which AVB will be reset after exiting the "system" application - on AVB cars, "google" to Google AVB.
- "erase dots" - reduces the shutter speed by increasing the ISO so that then the noise is more zamylil photo.


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