By UriKill.



(Shared on this 4PDA thread for the Pocophone F1. Via Google Translate.)

I present to you my mod mod, based on San1ty (GCam 6.2 v4a).
- Fixed small jambs in the application (the names of the files are not correct case, instead of camera_image.png there was camera-image.png, and this is about 10 cases).
- Translation of advanced settings.
- Deleted the last item (it is not for our smartphone - AUX switching does not work for us).
- Removed the Google Tips item of the lens (it is not needed, because the package name is changed, then Google’s lens doesn’t work with the application).
- Removed one scale from the viewfinder (manual focal length - it hung the camera if you forget to tap on the screen, and what for it then, if we tap and so the focus is awesome!)

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