By bulkin043.



(Shared on this channel. Via Google Translate.)

• Added new libraries such as:
- Kuro LE Weight (thanks to Eszdman),
- Kuro FlatLine (thanks to Savitar),
- Fi4 (thanks to san1ty),
(The libraries were taken in the Arnova8G2 application, for which many thanks to him!).
• Fixed saving video in format H265 / HEVC.
• Added saving portrait photos to the DCIM / Camera shared folder. (Thanks to Arnova8G2). If you take a portrait shoot, turn off and turn on (or vice versa) the slider, after which the crashes will be lost.
• Added item suppression flicker from 50-60Hz (thanks san1ty).
• Updated some of the default settings, therefore, delete the data from the new version of the application, because departures are possible.
• Updated translation.
• Removed the manual focus slider.
• Information in item updated "About modification".
• Updated icons.