By the_dise.


About the_dise:

His versions were suggested by a Xiaomi Mi A2. the_dise owns a Mi A2, so his versions might be a good pick for A2 users. He credits BSG as one of the main users behind these GCam ports and Arnova8G2 for the base version.


(From this telegram channel.)

  • The first publicly available build is 6.2.024.
  • Added configuration and model selection.
  • Ability to select the bitrate in the video.
  • Compression DNG.
  • Select RAW format.
  • Sabre.
  • Ability to disable focus tracking.
  • Auto Exposure Compensation.
  • Fixed Pixel 3 AWB.
  • Noise Reduction (not stable.
  • Video viewer format.
  • AWB Recalculation.
  • Fix green front.
  • Visual changes.
  • A lot of small changes.