By nullbytepl.


About nullbytepl:

XDA user nullbytepl creates versions for his LeEco Le 2. Check his thread for more info and support and follow his telegram channel to receive update alerts.


* Based on GCam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.4.032219.1950.apk by Arnova8G2
* Fixed greenish tint on front camera
* 4K video recording (at 1836p) ON BOTH CAMERAS (experimental)
* Changed package name so it installs as a separate app

What works:
* HDR+/Video/Panorama/Photo Sphere
* Super Res Zoom
* Top Shot (only if Motion Photos are enabled)
* Night Sight
* Portrait mode AND Lens Blur

* If you encounter any bugs try GCam fix!
* Viewfinder freezes when taking Night Sight photo
* You may need to uninstall other gcam mods before installation
* Night sight doesn't work on first boot. Simply reboot app and it will work
* Taking non HDR+ pictures doesn't work, seems to be broken in libgcam

Magisk Module:

If you're on stock or using a custom ROM without this fix, you might have to use this magisk module. It fixes video recording crashes and back pictures when using night sight.

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