By san1ty.



Based on: MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2b_plus3.apk

  • Added Exposure Compensation option.
  • Updated custom libs.
  • Fixed Pixel III XL Rear Camera Model outputting yellow tinted photos with P3 AWB enabled (Now you can use Pixel III XL model instead of Pixel I, thanks to Savitar and his brain).
  • Some other minor changes.
  • P3 AWB is disabled by default (turn off the switch for it in settings to enable it).

* Use Savitar V5 lib and HDR+ Enhanced for Iso/Expo Slider (left slider).

* Tested on: MIUI 10 Global Stable and MIUI Global Beta 9.1.24 (PocoPhone F1).

* Thanks to: Savitar, SkyKing and everyone else who helped me!

Suggested settings:

Settings Settings Settings

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