By san1ty.



Based on: MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2b_plus3.apk

  • Forced Sabre Merge (Super Res Zoom), better quality and less noise on pictures shot with zoom.
  • Removed useless settings.
  • Removed old custom libs and added new ones.
  • Fixed Google Lens.
  • Changed Package Name so no conflicts with other apks.
  • (More minor changes and stuff I forgot to include.)

Manual sliders are still present:

  • For Focus slider: Select distance (right slider) and tap once on viewfinder to refocus. If you don't want to use it leave it on Auto.
  • ISO/Expo slider (left slider): To use it you need to switch to HDR+ Enhanced and enable Savitar V2 custom lib from settings. After doing that you can select the option you like and shoot pics freely. In case you forget to select Savitar V2 and you are stuck with black viewfinder, clear cache of GCam. If you don't want to use the slider leave it on Auto.

Tested on MIUI Global Beta and Global Stable (

Thanks to SkyKing007, Savitar, cstark, Urnyx and BSG for the tips/help and testing stuff for me.

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