By bulkin043.



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Fix a photo with the zoom enabled.
I added a tap on the lower bar to change the shutter speed (for version 5, do not expect this from me, just added here).
The frontalker has been fixed, now the pictures are made once without a green fill, and if you do a multi-shot, then everything will be without it.
Black settings on the front-64 (Default).
HDR settings are immediately enabled on the main screen.
Video stabilization turned off, ik will sit FPS with it.
Tracking focus (there is on any subject and focus will follow him, at the request of the person from Telegram did).


Version from bulkin043 (4PDA) for the Redmi Note 4 (X) (mido). Based on Google Camera v.6.1.021.

Posted on this post.


This dev releases a few updates, but most (all) apk files have the same name. For this reason, I rename the files.

This version might contain contributions from other developers like BSG, Arnova8G2, etc.

Please note that the original post or files can be modified or deleted after this page was created.

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