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(From a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 thread.)

+ Night mode fully working on android 8.1 (full processing algorithm, with camera preview, no overshoots, with switching between back/front, with any min.iso, etc.)

Notes for the Mi Max2:
- the front-camera works adequately only with nexus models, the pixel models produce a green photo.
- Night mode works with all models of the Nexus (as well as the Ndr + mode).
- Tracking focus only works on Android 9 + interface = pixel3.
- A strong overestimate of the WB in the camera preview in the night mode (for better focusing) only on Android 9.
- For slow motion, media profiles in the system are needed - 120 and 240, if there is only one in the "fix" settings, you need to choose which profile to start with.
- Motion photos are fully disabled, because gyrosensor of MiMax2 doesn’t suite for this function, sometimes it can take one photo but then simply freeze and you need to restart the device.
- You better not to choose the style of Pixel 3 the interface on Android 8, because not all of its features work on Android 8 and photos saving takes longer, reason: at first additional algorithms are getting initialised, then they are getting disabled because of the android version mismatch and only after that photo gets saved.

(thanks to finder999 for his help on this translation)


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