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The smali code has been slightly changed, and now the video bitrate by default is correct as on the stock 13.5.
Added item "Maximum brightness".
On the toggle button cameras now no function enable max. brightness (now there is just a long hold, you can reboot the camera, later I will do either quick entry to the settings or quick access to the number of frames to get one HDR + image).
The item (previously hidden) "Photo save directory" is activated (if the application is not a system one, then the choice is only on the internal drive) Added the item "Remove the ISO limit in the dark" (the difference is noticeable in low light conditions without flash).
Changes in photo compression, for the better in the code ...
Removed the item "Using the resampling method", in place of it is a slightly different item that allows you to set the full resolution of the camera at zoom.
Added other items experimentally in the same item settings.
Other minor changes.

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