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The frontline code is slightly rewritten.
Displaying both "Slow Motion" and "Blur"
Added the option on / off. showing the item "Delayed shooting"
The ability to quickly access the "Auto-exposure correction" item is added. Called by a double tap on the bottom bar of the camera screen
Added the ability to enable (permanently) maximum brightness on the main screen of the camera. Long pressing on the camera switching icon main / front on / off. function
If you change any camera settings, now there is no need to reset the camera. After changing anything, just leave the settings on the main camera screen
If you take a picture and during the processing HDR + change any parameter in the settings - activating the camera will restart automatically after the processing of HDR +
Added the item "Directory of saving photos," but hidden . The ability to save photos in any folder while within the inside. drive. It will be improved in one of the following versions
When tapestry on the preview of the photo \ video, you can choose one of the installed applications for viewing. By default, a short press on the preview - the built-in camera gallery, long press - its own selected gallery. By activating the item "My gallery" in the settings, a short press - its own selected gallery, long press - there is no action
When you first install the Add Geotagging application, they are disabled by default
When you first install the Camera sounds application, they are disabled by default
Added the item "Maximum analog ISO"
Added the item "Manual focus"
Expanded the values ​​in the item "Maximum analog ISO" between 110 and 500

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