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  • The zoom slider is no longer superimposed on the manual focus buttons in the portrait orientation of the camera
  • The item "Grid icon" is added. If the switch is off, grid control is done from the settings menu as in Google Camera v.5.3
  • Removed the item "Sidebar". He left only turning on / off the mode "Slow Motion"
  • Improved items such as: "Adjusting the white balance", "Adjusting the black level", "Fine-tuning the noise reduction." Now if the switch (Switch) of the settings block is not turned on - it's impossible to change the settings, so it's more correct! Especially convenient, you can turn off the "Thin Squelch settings" immediately with the very first switch (Switch) , which cleverly disables the two lower noise reduction units.
  • The range of values ​​(60% ... 140%) of the item "Adjusting the white balance" is increased.
  • In the HDR + parameters, you can select any number of frames from 3 to 48
  • Experimentally . Added the item "Using the Resampling method" (increasing the photo to the maximum resolution)
  • The switch code for the item "Use Google Photos" was changed to more correct
  • Some settings items are grouped together
  • Fixed translation

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