By burial.




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Credits to Kuro_Shi_Sama, Wichaya, eszdman and sde79!

- Libpatcher with support for the front camera and applying some settings without restarting;
- Choice of noise models imx586, s5khmx and others;
- New buttons in the viewfinder with a new design;
- Improved the mechanics of restarting the camera when applying settings and switching lenses. now the camera waits until processing is completed and then it reloads the interface itself if it is required to apply the action;
- Improvements to the settings interface;
- Again changes in black balance for MN10;
- Minor fixes;
- Installed next to the previous version;
- Configs from previous versions are NOT supported;

Successful New Year and Christmas pictures and a Happy New Year!


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- Telegram channel: @burial_channel

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