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Presenting CamStellar 3.0!


1. CamStellar Button: A button to use Sunset/Moon mode. Detailed description below.
2. Totally redesigned the UI. Vertical Aux buttons are introduced. Thanks to @saVantCZ. Feel free to share your views on this redesign.
3. Added option to enable OP7 RAW FIX. You can even decide to turn on a viewfinder button to turn RAW FIX on/off. Thanks to @RealJohnGalt for discovering the fix. Now you can import RAW into editing apps like Snapseed or Lightroom.
4. Removed the Flat Lib.

About the CamStellar button:

The button actually triggers a mode that I like to call Sunset/Moon Mode. Now this has similarities with LDR but it's different. In case of sunrise and sunset shots, you can decide to get full silhouette look just slightly moving the exposure slider or without any touching, get an aesthetic photo as though not totally blacked out shadows but would make the photo eye pleasing imo. I already uploaded some samples to the CamStellar album.
For the moon part, you need a decent amount of optical zoom to really take a decent picture. The telephoto lens might come handy but if you have a telescope, it should take brilliant photos. Plus, the astro shots on a moon lit night wouldn't look overexposed if this mode is used. It takes darker natural looking photos but still offers the stars like we see in naked eye. I believe if worked on properly, you can take a shot of stars with moon in background as well. This will actually ensure a natural looking photo like what you really see.

Another thing that should benefit from this mode is light trails. Since this lib tends to capture least ISO and more shutter speed, the light trails of traffic should be much better. Just use the Astrophotography mode with moon button on and see if it does work like a great Light Painting alternative. (Google removed light painting after 7.2)

I have used a different approach for this mode unlike other modders approached for LDR. I modified a custom lib for this and some of the exposure parameters are tuned in such a way that the RAW is affected as well. You get an aesthetic looking RAW photo as well for professional editing.

Please don't use my Lib on your mod without permission.

Please make a clean install for best results (uninstall previous stellar). After launching first time, go to settings and return using system back gesture or button to restart the app and for the settings to get applied properly.


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