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Based on NGCam so all thanks to Nikita.

Differences from NGCam:
- The set of libraries has been replaced, instead of Google, NR59TW15T17 (UserX), new Fresco (themihaels), Odin2 (And_rjy)
- Package name changed to
- Added a button to change the number of frames in the Auto, 7, 15, 25 (taken from Arnova8G2)
- Astrophotography code changed (taken from Arnova8G2 mod)
- Sabre code changed (took from Arnova8G2)
- Fixed problem with video recording on additional modules (requires enabled restart option)
- Added shutter slider, quick call of the shutter menu with a long tap on the gallery icon
- Added touch focus timeout option
- Fixed a bug with artifacts of maximum zoom, it is limited to 16x
- Changed autofocus mode
- Changed noise reduction mode, audio and video
- Added audio zoom option
- Version upgraded to 7.4.201
- Added upload/download settings for configs
- Added settings for getting help
- Added highlighting of the installed config
- Fully optimized settings for Redmi Note 8/9 series, additional modules are also activated on first launch (for others it will be with updates)
- Icons from version 8
- Libpatcher fixes (Thanks to And_rjy)

I want to express my deep gratitude for the help in building the mod Arnova8G2, Herades Silva, Abhi Shake, Vibhor, Urnyx05.
I also thank all the testers for their help with bugs and the choice of optimal settings, a lot of tests.
Thanks to those who helped with the translation.
I thank the rest for your patience.
Let me remind you that everyone can help in building the optimal settings for their device.

A settings guide is available here (russian).

Camera fixes are available for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 9.


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