By Tolyan009.



(Via Google Translate, from his 4PDA post.)

New lib TN0211L. Caution - low ISO, noise reduction and so on, I did it as I like - soft, natural, without strong highlighting of shadows, but also without excessive darkening on a sunny day. In extended HDR +, you may sometimes need to work more actively with your hands: on scenes with large differences in brightness, tap on dark areas, in general, according to the situation, also more actively monitor the exposure, for this I slightly changed the autoexposure control function, and added a quick call to double tap on the area around the shutter button.


I remind you that in the TN0211L lib the HUE (color shift) parameter is set to "+0.125", for other devices you may need to set "0".

Added more settings and intermediate values to libpatch.

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