By MarcosMucelin.



Version 1.3 released on 11/9/2020. Based on Urnxy's version.

- Added compatibility for Redmi Note 8 Pro (Thanks Herades, Wyroczen)
- Package name changed to com.GoogleCamera.Hyper, allowing you to use this mod with other installed GCams mod.
- Added Manual Camera Array (Credits for Eszdman, Urnyx05, ctwoon)
- Added dci-p3 color spectrum (Thanks ctwoon)
- Auxiliary is enabled by default
- Removed noise modeler because it didn't work
- Added option to share your captured with the hypercam in a Google Photos album

Special thanks to Abhi, Urnyx05, Metzger100 and Nikita for all help. Herades and Wyroczen by fix for RN8P.