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!! Configs from previous versions are not supported !!

This update uses works by ytsependa, Wichaya, Abhi_Shake, Urnyx05, Arnova8G2_Xda, esdman. Thank them for that.
Special thanks to sde79.

1. Color correction conversion settings for devices with incorrect CaptureResult (MN10, OP8PRO, etc. such devices have discolored photos on third-party camera applications and some Gcam mods).
2. The default zoom setting.
3. Recalibrated black levels for MI9T x0.6 and x1 and MN10 for all modules.
4. Fast switching between lenses. With this method, the libpatcher takes values from the lens on which the camera was last restarted, but there is no need to wait for the end of processing to change the lens.
5. Updated and added some AWBs. Manual AWB settings.
6. Fixed a bug with focus after turning on manual focus at night and returning from night to normal.
7. Completely rewritten libpatcher. New settings, small steps, manual curve settings by points.
8. Now there is no choice of libraries in the mod, almost all the settings that were in libs can now be configured through the patcher and transferred by the config.
9. Add. modules with any package name without root.
10. By popular demand, added items for setting the ID of all lenses.
Manual lens alignment sets the order of the lenses.
Setting the name manually changes the lens name in the video finder.
Manual setting of lens IDs: write down all IDs of lenses separated by commas in the IDs of all objects, enter the IDs of only the rear lenses in the IDs of the rear lenses, enter only the IDs of the front lenses into the array of IDs of the front lenses.
These settings are NOT needed for those devices that are included in the support list, namely: Mi Note10 (pro), Mi9 (t / t pro).

This version has a new package name com.GoogleCamera.Burial and is installed alongside other mods, including my previous mods.

This mod tested only on Mi note 10 and Mi 9 (T). If you have another device that has problems, DON'T write in PM about it. You risk being banned.


- Yandex Money: yoomoney.ru/to/4100111067849181
- Russian group: t.me/joinchat/IVAaFBQBBwjSOSb7J02THw
- Telegram channel: @burial_channel

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