By MarcosMucelin.



Version 1.0 released on 10/21/2020. Based on Urnxy's version.

- Added HDR Range Plus, HDR Range Minus, HDR Effect Intensity, HDR overall lightness, Darken Light 1 and 2 (Thanks Wichaya)
- Added Gamma Curve (Thanks Urnyx05, Arnova8G2)
- Added Tom Curve and Gamma separation for each lens (Thanks Wichaya)
- Extended HDR+ Frames values and Curves
- Added input model, noise reduction model and interface style (Thanks Nikita)
- Added 32 device models on AWB (Thanks Ultra, Savitar, PitBulL)
- Added individual AWB for each lens (Thanks Wichaya)
- Added Exposure Compensation for front and back (Thanks Wichaya)
- Added ISO and Exposure Time (Thanks marlin-ku)
- Added Auto Exposure Frame Rate Range- Added hide motion icon (Thanks Burial)
- Added Maximum Digital Zoom up to 120x (Thanks Rakin Great)
- Enhanced compatibility for Asus devices (Thanks onFire)
- Rearranged menu
- Other things I don't remember