By greatness.




This might be the end of Gcam 7.3 for Greatness Cam.

A lot of things happened throughout the journey. Thanks to the ones who were here from the beginning. Thanks to them who are in my alpha group testing for me everyday. Thanks to my XML makers. Some of whom I must specially mention are- @SixArmedPriest, @MadnessKnight, @dejavutr, eneRgy,@ImRM404, @jwernerny, @Dennisal, @therevofhumboldt, @Saitama_Sensei7, @GaruARG, @mridll and for the last few months Timo, @Usyless and @LThallen.

So, here I am, introducing GreatnessCam 2.2.

📱 Note that I work for OnePlus 7 Series only. As Arnova Sir has suggested me to make my mod the best for my own device first, here I am trying to give you as much stability as possible by me. For the other devices, I just try fix or add stuff as per people requests.

• Fixed all the AWBs, misbehaving AWBs on 2.1.1, seperated AWB for Aux.
• Fixed all the Aux problems that were reported.
• Added more controls to HDR Range. Includes Hue shift, HDR saturation, Highlight Color Tweak and some more. Several of them are never seen before on 7.3. Many of you don't know about @ytsependa who had discovered these addresses, kudos to him.
• Enabled RAW SENSOR access to some devices including Mi 10 Ultra
• Added Sabre option for 48mp on devices with support.
• Added option to select opening interface.
• Added option to utilize all the libpatchers. I use new codes to make them accessible or inaccessible based on which aux you have on or off.
• I fixed some other stuff on some phones as people requested, I don't really remember all tbh
• Updated Translations and tutorials, optimized all the codes, updated built in XML
• Fixed aux buttons nature, lifted them so that zoom and timelapse don't interfere.
• Added Video, Timelapse, Slowmotion Zoom upto 100x(Depends on your max zoom selection), fixed camcorder profile, video VF on some devices (thanks Abhi)
• Added manual aux button names (thanks wichaya), but I made it accepting longer lenghts since language difference causes issues, also added option to select default zoom for UW Macro simulation
• Added dot fix for OP5 (thanks to Urnyx)
• Re arranged a lot of settings, better recommended to look around the app first.

That's all. A changelog doesn't really mean anything if you really use the cam. Yet it's there to solve credits issues, making stuff clear and for some people who love changelog. Be sure to try😅.

• I recently discovered that exposure compensation can cause OnePlus Sunbug in extremely challenging situation. HDR Range control however can do the similar work of EV Comp without any bugs.
• If you find the word Experimental in some function, don't expect it to work.
• Unlike most other Urnyx based mods, Sabre works here. However the Sabre is not as strong as 7.4 Arnova mods since that is the best.
⚠️ I use my own signkey now so be sure to uninstall the previous app and then install it.


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