Greatness v2.2 By: Rakin, Ported by: Percifhm34 & Herades for rn8pro..


*All Important things by own method, videos also (no external codes used)

* changed name of 'Camera' to 'Greatness 2.2'

* Added AWBs for rn8pro
* disabled micro video ( motion picture by default )

* Aux support (fixed macro/hardcoded IDs for Rn8pro, thanks to sir Abhi) 2x is Macro sensor

*Xml folder... Now xml will be saved or loaded from GCam/Configs7/Greatness

*Flash is now working in all scenarios

* Fixed pink Hue by Sabin ( separate hdr controls for each lens )

Note:- 20/64 MP works only in portrait mode, other modes will crash if button enabled and aux also works in clones (clone channel link below)

Thanks to :-

Herades for being my partner.. all Alpha team.. All Developers and sir Rakin for this Awesome gcam... Metzger100 and Trcam dev for the support...

For updates and XML configs join @BegoniaLabs on Telegram.

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Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.