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  • Perhaps we do not support large ISO values, but the library "" from this post does. Thanks to Wave Generator and Serjo87.
  • Reduced the Noise Reduction value in smali. Thanks Serjo87.
  • Default settings for the main camera and front panel are configured for the Redmi 4X.
  • Extended range of noise reduction values ​​for color noise was added.
  • Added 12.6 megapixel resolution in the "Lens Blur" mode.
  • Enabled the display of the item "Permission for panoramas".
  • Added the menu "About the app".
  • Structural change of the item "Manual focus", an explanation was added.
  • Some new UI icons.
  • Flickering is disabled by default.
  • Resolution in the photosphere mode is slightly increased from 13.0MP to 13.4MP.
  • Other minor changes.

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