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1. Added S5KGW1, Nikita IMX689 AWB.
2. Added sperate options for AWB on back and front camera.
3. Added fix for front wide on OnePlus Nord. Can be accessed by switching to front cam from 0.6x sensor. Gcam RAW works on Nord.
4. Added upto 300x "Interstellar zoom" . (depends on your hardware)
5. Added MI 10 ULTRA Opmodes
6. Added option to enable Sabre on front cam.
7. Fixed aux IDs on Oppo Reno 10x (2 variants) , Galaxy S10 Lite (2 variants), other variant of Oppo Find X2 Pro.
8. Added option to select JPG Quality.
9. Added auto config for some phones.
10. Optimized Front Wide for S10 Lite
11. Added Oneui 2.5 fix from Urnyx05 2.2 (Thanks to Arnova)
12. Added Easter Eggs (Hidden Features for advanced users)
13. Google Lens Working

Special Notes regarding Interstellar Zoom:
1. You can zoom upto some extent that is fixed in your phone's system lib. If you are using other sensors than main sensor, you can zoom more than that on main. It is recommended to stay within 100x.
2. On some phone, viewfinders might not zoom for YUV limitations but taken photo will be zoomed.
3. Video can be shoot on Oppo Reno 10x if you zoom a bit like 1.2x.
4. Zoom limitations and capabilities are linked below for some phones. (⚠Must Read)
5. If too much zoomed photos are not saving, hdr might be turned off.

⚠️ Don't touch Manual Sabre if you don't know what it does ⚠

Behind Credits:
New Opmodes were extracted by Arnova8G2 and IMX689 RG and BG values were extracted by Nikita and co.


XML Guidelines: telegra.ph/Guidelines-for-XML-Maker-09-05

Zooming Capabilities: telegra.ph/Device-Specific-Zooming-Capabilities-09-05

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