By Zoran.


About Zoran:

ZGCam is Zoran's port of GCam for Exynos-powered devices (Samsung, Motorola, etc).


ZGCAM 3387 Astro (GCam 7.4).

Note: This apk uses the Samsung 3D Scanner app's package name so Aux(iliary) lens work. If installed, Uninstall that app before installing this GCam.


  • Astro Mode fixed for samsung devices.
  • Astro triggers at 1/10s or slower when enabled.
  • Fixed Portrait mode.
  • Improved denoise on S9/N9.
  • Fixed front denoise on S9/N9.
  • Fixed issues on Moto Devices.
  • Fixed issues with certain light scenes.
  • Improved stabilization by changing ois to X/Y.

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Note: Zoran versions send some basic telemetry back to him and check for updates.

ZGCAM 3387 Astro

🗣 Discussion:

🗣 Discussion: