NGCam v1.5 By: Nikita Ported by: Percifhm34 & Herades for rn8pro..


*All Important things by own method (no external codes used)

* Aux support (fixed macro/hardcoded IDs for Rn8pro, thanks to sir Abhi)

*Xml folder... Now xml will be saved or loaded from GCam/Configs7/NGCam

*Flash is now working in all scenarios

Note:- 20/64 MP works in portrait mode (enable pixel binning in settings if not work) and aux also works in clones (clone channel link below)

Thanks to :-

Herades for being my partner.. all Alpha team.. All Developers and sir Nikita for this Awesome gcam... Rakin (Greatness) and Trcam dev for for the support...

And Wyroczen for his work on the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

For updates and XML configs join @BegoniaLabs on Telegram.

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.