By jairo_rossi.



Based on a version from Burial. Configs saved inside /PixelCam/Fuse. Works on the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

PixelCam Fuse 1.1
-LibPatcher and Focus Tracking button included (thanks @HeradesSilva);
-Reorganized menu.

PixelCam Fuse 1.0
- New Lib Patcher;
- Possibility to adjust the time in astro mode;
- Exposure Compensation for front, rear, night and portrait modes.
- Effects mode, possibility to adjust effects for your photos, for example: Photos in square format, in black and white, sepia, with vignette and etc;
- Fuse mode, it is now possible to have an alternative LibPatcher, for Selfies, landscapes, night photos and etc., avoiding changing xml;
Note: Experimental, still does not work on all devices.
- Focus lock time adjustment;
- Manual focus time in night vision mode, separated by lens;
- Option to save photos in portrait mode, in the same folder as the other photos;
- HDR quality in the curtain menu, with 9, 15 and 25 frames;
- Quick access to adjust ISO and exposure time, by pressing and holding the toggle button between rear and front camera.

Changelog (Redmi Note 8 PRO):
- Fixed black screen
- Fixed night mode
- Added default settings for RN8P only
- Macro ID changed
- Corrected front and rear video
- Support for other devices maintained

Please uninstall the previous version before installing this update to avoid issues.


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