By greatness.




1. 🔥 Aux (Ultrawide, Telephoto, Macro, Depth etc. etc.) working on most phones without root apart from some exceptions. Works on all OnePlus phones. Auxiliary sensors can be accessed with cloned app too. 🔥 (Thanks a lot to Eszdman since code from his Photoncam is used here and Arnova8G2 since he brought the code to Gcam and shared to me and others. All cheers to them.)
2. 🔥Different Package Name: com.google.android.GoogleCameraENG . (It is unique among any Gcam 7.x till now so you can install it alongside any recent Gcam by any modders without cloning. It also supports Google Lens. Thanks to Arnova for making all modders aware of the fact and hopefully each of us would have different package names so you users can enjoy all the mods without hassle.)
3. Added HDR Range Control which is manual substitute for Google Pixel 4's dual exposure control. (Thanks to Tatchan for finding the address and Arnova8G2 for his new libpatcher. Thanks to Wichaya for helping)
4. Added Dehaze Control to Libpatcher
5. Added Spatial Denoise to Libpatcher
6. Added Gamma Curve (Thanks to Arnova and Nikita)
7. Fixed AUX names on ONEPLUS NORD and OPPO FIND X2 PRO.
8. Removed Monster Lib for some incompatibilities.

Version with manual Sabre (use only if you know what this is): Gcam7.3.018_Greatness.Build2.1Sabre.apk

Thanks and donations:

Well dear users, thanks for being with Greatness. All of you who have thanked me for the aux support actually should thank somebody else. The guy behind all these, the greatest Gcam dev of all time Arnova8G2. The rootless aux system is first derived from Eszdman's Photoncam. Arnova basically added it to his 7.4 test version and shared to us. And what I did is basically just bring it to 7.3 for my mod. Ultimately if you really want to thank for what you are getting and have the capability, please donate to this great dev who gave us all the opportunity here: https://www.paypal.me/fofy

Plus I added a link to donate for Savitar's father who is ill. Savitar is also one the greatest contributors to Gcam community along with Arnova and BSG. I myself don't take any sort of donations, all I do is for people and my use. But I would really be happy if you want to come forward to save a life here: https://gogetfunding.com/kiarie/

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