By hpengw.




Base: GCam 7.2 vD by Burial
Thanks to Burial and Urnyx05 for their build.

Libs: Google, IQ4.4 (r0m10) and Tigr (from trCamera 7.2 Final)


-Added interface theme option
-Added darken sky & sky denoise option (Libpatcher)
-Added radius temporal denoise option (Libpatcher)
-Added touch focus duration option for photo
-Added antibanding mode option
-Added OIS option
-Added GW1 & HMX AWB
-Added the following viewfinder buttons: AWB, EV, Libpatcher, 'Leica'/Shading, Max bright and Focus tracking.
-Added manual focus and saturaion slider
-Changed HDR+ enhanced frames option (custom number)
-Changed max zoom option (custom number)
-Changed the layout of viewfinder buttons
-Rearranged settings menu
-Minimal changes


This is a English version with limited translation to other languages.
For version with full Chinese Simplified translation, please see: https://www.coolapk.com/feed/20775370?shareKey=OGQzNzUxZmExYWEzNWYzM2E4YzA~&shareUid=2973704&shareFrom=com.coolapk.market_10.5.1-beta1

Credits to: tigr, onFire, PitbulL, marlin_ku, r0m10 and the_dise. Thanks to them and all others.

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