By greatness.




• UI:
-Reorganized the settings and advanced Settings
-Fixed some layout mistakes
-Added new greatness Logo for mods section

•Stream Configs/OP Modes:
-Added Stream Configs (Thanks to Arnova)
-Added Manual Stream Configs (Thanks to Wichaya)
-Sperated Stream Configs based on OEMs (Thanks to Wichaya)
-Added new OPPO Opmodes
-Added Oneplus Nord Opmodes
-Added Nubia Opmodes
-48mp will freeze your phone and you will have to force reboot using buttons to reborn your phone, so don't touch.
-The Nord video OPmodes don't help 4k60fps.

-Added Option to enable Imax Audio
-Added Tutorial for Starters (should definitely check out)
-Added pitbull awb2(Thanks to him)

If you like my work, please give donations. I won't take it, donate it to Savitar for his father. Link is attached below

🗣 Discussion: