By Tolyan009/TlnNeun.



(From here, translation via Google Translate.)

v.1.0s 10.08.20
Added in the FIX menu the ability to switch the viewfinder to JPG from YUV (to op3 (t) - do not touch)

v.1.0b 10.08.20
Added the parameters HDR_RANGE_minus, HDR_RANGE_plus to the patcher, adjust the HDR coverage

v.1.0a 10.08.20
Added a check for HDR + processing before restarting, a function to turn off Google photos and select a zoom in portrait mode. Added even more settings to the patcher found by Tatchan. Updated the TN lib (1008) - now OP3t does not redden with a lack of lighting without using Pixel / Google awb (TN color shift +0.125), there should be no clipping - but I'm not sure whether the same shadows will remain as on TN0508, we need to test. . May need a clean install (delete app data)

v.1.0 08.08.20
Still based on assembly B-S-G.
I fixed something, added something, it should work on op3t without the magisk module, added HQ mode to the shutter, added some new parameters to the patcher, my TN0508 lib is used by default, I also left the stock from Google.
I left the package name "org.codeaurora.snapcam" - as I understand it is necessary for the operation of multi-camera devices, I did not break it.

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