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• Base:
- Updated base to Urnyx 2.1
- Built with Platform Tools30
- Fixed crash on videos of RN9S (by Urnyx05)
- Fixed aux IDs on Red Magic 5G, Realme 5 Pro, Redmi Note 9S and Realme X2 Pro (by Urnyx05)
- Added support for the macro lens on RN9S (by Urnyx05)
- Added the Sabre detection depending on bayer pattern (thanks Arnova for help) - now, if the sensor supports the proper bayer pattern, Sabre will be automatically ON, on all the lenses or devices
- Fixed videos on front camera of OP6/6T (By Urnyx)
-🚸Sign key changed, so clean installation is required🚸

• UI Overhaul:
- Settings dark background redesigned to AMOLED Black, better soothing to eyes (Thanks to OnFire for locating)
- New Cool Splash Screen
- Changed Front Back Camera switch button, press&hold for 1sec shortcut to settings. (Easier Accessibility) πŸŽ›πŸ”©
- Rarely Used options sent to advanced settings from main settings to keep the first UI clean
- AWB, Exposure Compensation, Custom Libs in main settings (Just long press camera-switch button and change those ASAP for quick shots based on different scenarios)

• Bug Fixes:
- XML Loader "Camera-In-Use" Bug Fixed
- HDR/ISO Control Bug fixed (Originally backported from Urnyx05 7.2)
- Version Number confusion in Settings solved
- App Slowdown from 1.7 is fixed
- Crash fixed for Merge Method on Realme XT,X2 aux on custom ROMs
- Depth Sensor on Regular OP7 working with aux module flashed (poor quality and inconsistent)

• Sabre:
- Removed manual sabre control since Urnyx05 added automatic bayer detection. Shall solve any issues caused previously for Sabre. If not, report bugs, I will fix it.
- If you still want manual control, Just use Open Beta 5 from telegram group. If many users need it, I will give a rebased version later in the group, Just inform there. It will surely solve any sort of merge issues.

• AWBs:
- Removed Pixel 3 AWB
- Added HMX AWB
- Added IMX586Semco AWB, working about as good as Arnova (Best for OnePlus 7/8)
- Experimental IMX 471 for Urnyx based ports
- Goodbye IMX586OFILM since almost nobody uses it and SEMCO is better
- Updated AWB RG and BG values from latest Arnova

• Exposure Compensation:
- Separate Settings for Back camera, Selfie, Portrait and Nightsight
- Shifted some entry values for better utilization
- ⚠️ All previous XMLs with Exposure Compensation value are not anymore effective since android:key was changed

• Custom Libs:
- Replaced Base Urnyx lib with Arnova's Google Lib
- Added Flat Lib by r0m10 (True Colors, appropriate contrast and sometimes better details without grains. It would be useful in some scenarios)
- Added IQ Hybrid Lib by r0m10 (good for Portraits, Selfies and any people photos. Exposure Compensation Further helps. Recommended XML with this lib for people is available in Telegram)
- Added Monster Lib by r0m10 (good for nature, streets and best for least grains on phones like Galaxy S10 Lite. S10 lite has the worst grain issue possible and it fixes it 90% if configured correctly. Would help with Galaxy Note 10 Ultra wide as well)
- Removed MyLoveStock, AND2606, dehazedOff lib for weird contrasts and inconsistencies
- Remember to use side swipe gesture or system back button after switching libs

πŸ˜€ Still compatible with XMLs for Urnyx05, but for better results, small but vital changes are necessary since there are options for improvising.

(Note that these libs were selected from 18 Libs through user opinions through an Open Beta program. Everyone participating here has their name listed in About Mod section of settings)

Those who are wondering about Version 1.8, it was exclusive to telegram channel and was a minor update to be honest. But since all the goodies are included in this 1.9, nothing to worry.


Portrait/People🧘🏻‍♀️ Release for Greatness 1.9 based on SAP MAC

- Sabre detection fixed (thanks to Arnova)
- Slow-Motion Working
- 4k Enabled
- 4k 60fps EIS
- Astrophotography Fully Working on OP7 πŸŒŒπŸŒƒπŸŒ‘
-Denoise values adjusted for People
- Custom Tone Curve
- IQ Hybrid Lib enabled
- Exposure Compensation:
β˜…+0,6 for Portrait
β˜…+0,6 for Selfies
β˜…+0,4 for Back

Yours Truly, SixArmedPriest πŸ™πŸ»Rakin


MAC Release for Greatness Cam v1.9

- Slow-Motion Working
- 4k Enabled
- 4k 60fps EIS
- Astrophotography Fully Working on OP7 πŸŒŒπŸŒƒπŸŒ‘
- Sharpness Decreased for More Natural Images
- Custom Tone Curve
- Exposure Compensation:
Back Camera 0
Front Camera +0,2
Portrait Mode +0,2
Night Sight +0,2

Yours Truly, SixArmedPriest πŸ™πŸ»

πŸ™πŸ» Special Thanks to Urnyx05 and Rakin for making this Mod Possible! We all appreciate your work brother! As Always Thanks to Nameless,My brother from another!πŸ™πŸ»

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