By hpengw.



NGCam 7.4.104 V1.2 by Nikita. Thanks to him for the build. The best 7.4 so far.

Package Name: org.codeaurora.snapcam

-Translation to Chinese Simplified added
-Added vibro option
-Added JPG quality option - credits PitbulL
-Added Maximum zoom value (working for photo and video), Stable value for MI 8: 46x (Photo)
40x (1080P Video) and 24x (4K Video) - credits onFire.
-Extended the selection of video bitrate
-Replaced default 7.4.104 Lib with 7.4.201 Lib (Google)
-Added new Lib Loki and Odin 2 (by And_rjy)

Thanks to PitbulL, onFire and all other modders.

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