MWP v3.5 FINAL_Google Camera 7.3.020 ( Pixel 2 / XL only )
Changelog :

-  Added Shutterspeed slider
-  Added Manual ISO slider
-  New Correction exposure time menu

Notes :
- Manual Shutterspeed slider only working with HDR Enhanced
- ISO silder is not forced, so maybe the ISO results in exif is depending of the light conditions
- Don't use shutterspeed slider with astro mode! it will cause FC,
  just keep use max exposure astro menu to setup the Shutterspeed..

- And finally... maybe i don't add / needs some new features in this mod version, so i make it this FINAL version for gcam 7.3 based, but some fixes I will do to make it better..👍

All features is fully enough to get the awesome pic in my pixel.. good luck

thanks for your support..

Tips & info :  
- Clear data & cache on first install
- #haveaniceshot
Thanks, Hatur nuhun...


MWP. Versions for the Google Pixel 2/2XL. Thanks to all devs in celsoazevedo, PX mod team especially cstark27, TRCam dev Abhi Shake, etc.

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