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Greatness Cam 1.7 is here.
Changes from 1.6:
-Added Custom Libs Selection (thanks to Tigr for helping)
-New AND2606 Lib
-New MyLoveStock Lib by R0m10
-New DehazedOff Lib by R0m10
-Bug Fixes

Description for Libs:
★Urnyx Lib is the best for dynamic range, dehaze, color saturation and material photography
★AND2606 has lower dehaze, and contrast making it better for people expecting brighter but not overexposed photos
★MyLoveStock is the best for taking photos of the love of your life,🤣, that is best for human portraits and significantly solves the issue of oversharp, dark or over contrasty portrait photos or selfies
★DehazedOff Lib is similar looking to the MyLoveStock Lib. It totally stops dehaze and best for people loving Haze pictures.
🚸 The last 3 Libs produce similar photos but has some differences, you have to watch closely what the difference is. Photo Compare app from Playstore may help you see the difference 🚸

Clone: GCam7.3.018_Greatness.Build1.7_CLONE.apk


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