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Phenomenal Release 1.6
- Updated Base to Urnyx05 2.0
- Deprecated IMX471 as it does not suit well with Urnyx base
- 🔥Applied XML Name is now displayed on the header of XML Loader🔥 (Had to spend a lot of time with tigr to get it working because of some dedicated string ids problem)
- Upscaled the magnitude of final exposure compensation on both sides
- HDR+ Enhanced photos not saving is fixed (Thanks to Arnova)
- Urnyx used a new sign key this time which needed users to uninstall the previous version but I am still using Arnova's Sign key, so clean installation is not necessary.

Thanks to Urnyx05 and Arnova8G2 for everything they did and Dmitry Nechiporenko for all his support.

Thanks to nrG, SixArmedPriest and Abdul for making XMLs.

Clone: GCam7.3.018_Greatness.Build1.6_CLONE.apk

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