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- Added a hint when clicking on the dockbar, if you do not have a config, or there is no folder
- Added a selection of models for the main, front, wide-angle cameras (thanks to Vibhor)
- Added noise reduction models for the main, front, wide-angle cameras (thanks to Vibhor)
- Deep code cleaning (thanks Urnyx05)
- Removed IQ PX library (smaller size)
- Added IQ 4.5 library instead of IQ trCamera (according to test results, it is better)
- Added tooltip when turning on light painting mode
- Switching to an advanced libpatcher with dynamic adjustment of the tone curve, gamma curve, new settings also appeared (thanks Vibhor)
- The saturation category has been removed, now you can use the libpatcher items instead (there are no other options)
- All settings were reorganized into the corresponding categories, advanced settings were scattered, the category "Additional lenses" was created
- Added devices support with not working focus tracking
- Added direct switching mode (switching between modules without restarting the camera)
- Added points for changing the ID of all lenses (thanks fu24)
- Disabling interfering prompts at first start, the default settings are optimal for Redmi Note 7/8/8T/9/9s/9 Pro)
- Improved autofocus (thanks the_dise)
- Removed shutter speed limit in all modes (thanks OnFire)
- Added sliders for adjusting shutter speed, ISO, manual focus)

Features: the focus value is applied only after tapu to any place, the use of manual focus and shutter speed together is carried out according to the old algorithm from 6.2, this is exposure lock with a lock
Perfect focal length for astrophoto 3.225m
ISO slider only works properly using the shutter speed slider
- Added autofocus information (can be turned on/off)
- Added new icons, replaced repetitive ones, some translation flaws were fixed
- Added switch RAW10 and RAW_SENSOR (displayed only on Redmi Note 8/8T)
Turn it on if you have a problem on custom firmware
- Added translation for many languages but not all, since there were problems with some letters / characters, careful testing for crashes is required, since I can not check all the languages added
- Removed useless settings
- Changed the focus of the switches in the curtain to red

Slow motion was temporarily hidden due to problems with many devices, updates will be released when the problem is resolved

( Version with just Google's lib (smaller apk file): trCamera_V6_GoogleLibOnly.apk )


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