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-Updated base to Urnyx05 1.9
-New IMX471 Awb (Thanks to Ultra)
-New IMX686 AWB (Thanks to Ultra)
-IMX586_OFILM (Thanks to Savitar)
-Suffix '_Grtns' to output file names for better recognition
-Brought AWB menu to main settings for better accessibility
-Cool AMOLED Black Splashscreen(Thanks to the_dise)
-RAW totally Broken❌
💡IMX471 for Front and IMX586_OFILM for Back Camera are recommended at Night.
Remember AWB= No more natural color
-Thanks to Tigr for different help

Thanks to SAP, nrG Bro, dejavuTr for XMLs. Thanks to John and ImRm for testing. Thanks to Urnyx05 for making this port possible.

With ❤️ from 🇧🇩.

Clone: GCam7.3.018_Greatness.PhenomenalBuild1.5_Clone.apk

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