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Changelog (26/05/2020):

• Fixed 60 FPS in video mode for most devices.
• Fixed optical stabilization.
• Fixed slow mo mode for many devices. Thanks Urnyx05 and Arnova8G2
• Added sliders about the mode (ISO, manual focus, shutter speed).
• Added saturation slider only works on lvl3.
• Fixed wide-angle lens on Mi9Lite.
• Completely redesigned theme and design. Thanks to overwhelmer, the_dise, dpstar for telling the address of the colors.
• Added video finder format to support many devices.
• Completely redesigned white balance (did not work correctly before).
• Added noise reduction models.
• Completely redesigned the design and work of the libpatcher. Thanks to overwhelmer for those awesome graphview and seekbars.
• Added timer for astrophotography in top bar. Thanks Arnova8G2.
• Custom libraries added. Savitar, dise, r0m10. Thanks to all of them.
• Added advanced libpatcher.
• Added stream configs that solve video problems on many devices. This was totally the work of Arnova8G2.
• Fixed settings crash with aux. Thanks namok.
• Added the ability to shoot video on AUX (4K). Thanks namok.
• Added TimeLapse 4K switch to avoid problems.
• Reworked configs mode.
• Solved the problem of white balance for portrait mode.
• Separated libpatcher for all 5 lenses.
• Fixed high iso issues and fixed awb for mi9se and mi8.
• Fixed shutter slider in astro.

Known Issues:

• Slow mo does not work for 710 and 845 Snapdragon.
• The translation to russian language is not finished yet.
• Some icons have problems in the light interface theme.

I want to express special thanks to @tommyhellatigr for help with solving many problems, as well as translating the application.

All the issues will be fixed very soon

######important note for api3 (lvl3) devives#####

-After installing the app, go to settings/viewfinder and change viewfinder format to yuv

-Configs directory is now GCam/onfire/Configs7

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